"Pointing You in the Right Direction"

Compass Benefit Planning, LLC. is a boutique insurance and financial services firm, using an innovative, hands-on approach with its clients.  The selection of an insurance professional is one of the most important decisions you make.  Whether the service you require is for your business, your home, or the planning of your estate, the protection of the financial strengths you have spent a lifetime building is largely dependent on the quality of the advice your professionals provide.

Here, you will find a wealth of information in the form of newsletter articles, calculators, and research reports to assist you in gaining a better understanding of insurance and finances.

We hope to enhance your understanding of the opportunities and potential rewards that are available when you take a proactive approach to your personal insurance and financial situation.  Most important, we want you to see the value of working with skilled professionals to pursue your financial goals.

Please check our site for frequent updates - we would not want you to miss any developments in the areas of our insurance specializations or financial planning.