Disability & Business Overhead Insurance


Protect Your Income.

In the event that you become injured or are otherwise unable to work, your family's expenses are unlikely to significantly shrink.  In addition, the family may be burdened with high medical costs and other expenses related to your disability.

Depending on your occupation and the nature of your disability, your short term or long term earnings may be impacted once you return to work.

Compass Benefit Planning, LLC. represents many different top quality carriers who offer cost effective policies with the coverages essential to protecting the financial health of your family.  We can help you select the one most appropriate to your needs and your situation. 



Protect Your Business.

Self-motivated individuals frequently play a crucial role in the success of a business.  This is particularly true of small businesses in which one or two talented people possess highly specialized skills or knowledge that other employees do not have.  If such a "key" person were to suffer a long-term disability, not only would the individual face substantial financial risk, but the very survival of the business could be in jeopardy.

However your business is organized, there is a clear need to protect both your personal income and the financial well-being of your business.  Compass Benefit Planning, LLC. can provide you with the business protection coverage to keep your business lights on and the doors open in the event of your disability. 

Business Overhead Expense (“BOE”) is a form of disability insurance specially suited to business owners.  BOE policies are designed to reimburse business expenses of the owner while he/she is totally or partially disabled.  The funds provided by the BOE policy help the business survive during the period of the owner’s disability.  Often, the BOE policy is the reason the owner has a business to return to after the disability.  Should the disability appear permanent, the owner has additional time to make decisions regarding the future of the business due to the BOE payout.

BOE typically covers the following business expenses:

  • Legal and accounting fees
  • Utilities
  • Principal payments on debt
  • Leased equipment
  • Business insurance premiums
  • Office supplies
  • Salaries of non-owners
  • Professional dues
  • Business taxes
  • Rent
  • Workers compensation

A BOE policy does not pay the salary of the partner/business owner.  An individual disability policy is specially layered upon a BOE policy to protect and pay the disabled business owner for his/her personal expenses.

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